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Please review your reservation details carefully before clicking "Review and pay." We have not implemented a "Back" button on the confirmation page. Until we do, you will either need to start a new reservation to make corrections, or call us after booking a reservation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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New Mexico State Law requires that children 12 or younger or less than 60 lbs MUST use a Federally Approved car seat or booster seat. Sandia Shuttle will provide appropriate seats if we are informed of the need or we will use customer supplied seats. Children under 1 year of age or less than 20 pounds must travel in a rear facing infant seat. Sandia Shuttle Express cannot provide "Infant Seats", you must provide your own.

Please indicate the total number of regular luggage items you and your group will have and any large or heavy items below. Each passenger is allowed two pieces of regular luggage items in addition to carry-on items. Carry-on items include purses, laptop bags, and other personal items are not considered luggage as long as they can be held in your lap or stowed under your seat.

There is a $10 charge per additional piece of regular luggage and large items including bicycles, golf bags, pet carriers, etc., and items over 50 lbs.

Please provide details about your large or heavy luggage items (heavy suitcase, golf bag, bicycle, pet carrier, etc.).

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We recommend at least 30 minutes between flight arrival and shuttle pick up times to allow for flight and checked luggage delays.

Not a guest at one of our Santa Fe drop off locations? Choose the Water & Sandoval, La Fonda, Convention Center, or a Rail Runner station (Railyard Depot, South Capitol, or 599 Station (bus shelter by the parking area).


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